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finally did well on a bio test. i need to read more for this class because i'm severely stressed all the time about my grade. but its impossible to tell because my artard teacher has not updated ANY grades except for 2 quizzes. i DESPISE teachers who don't put in grades until like the last week of term. especially the ones who are constantly scolding the class for not keeping up or getting poor grades on things...hmm...

so i may have gotten into sdsu but i have to maintain my gpa, and i'm not sure if that means i have to get all A's, or if i can get a B in bio and still be okay. i tried to calculate it...but i'm not sure if its right. if i could just get all A's that would be the simplest solution, but i have to start really putting more time into that class.

this week has been the longest week i've had in a long time. i'm just ready to get out of colorado and chill out for awhile. even though i'll have to do a bunch of homework, but it shouldn't be too bad, laurel has to go to class on some days anyways. i've been so busy this week i haven't even had time to be excited. but it feels like today should have been friday, and i'm bummed it's not. i really don't want to work tomorrow. i still have to run some errands and pack and print my ticket and do a math assignment before tomorrow ends, and then get up at 5 on saturday. gah...i'm so tired. i dont even know why i'm still awake.

bed sounds sooooo good right now. i love listening to wind at night.
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